About me

I’m David Francisco.
I Help Spanish students and Expats . Build Their Dreams in Málaga

¡Hola! My name is David Francisco and I have found my passion, helping people to speak my mother tongue and get all the procedures for expats in order.

My functions are to coordinate the Spanish Immersion Programs, Solve expat procedures and planify the marketing strategies.

When I started Iberok I thought about the thousands of people who want to improve their curriculum and get a better job; The key is doing an Linguistic Immersion. I have been living in the UK during 4 years, so I know the headache to deal with all the paperwork meanwhile learning the language.

I´m a Human Resources Degree (UMA), Certified Native Spanish Teacher (DDF) and Digital Marketing Specialist (EOI & MCKINSEY). However, I´m still studying the Spanish Language and Literature Degree (UNED). As you can see, I am passionate about teaching, but also procedures.
I have been teaching (+7 years) Spanish since 2014 in Scotland, and from 2017 in Spain through online lessons or face-to-face classes. More than 10 years experience with all types of procedures


I don´t like the unpersonalized services so tell me what you need and I´ll make sure everthing is ready for you!

Easy peasy, one clic