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Assignment of NIE (first application)

How to obtain the NIE?

What is the NIE?

The NIE (Foreigner’s Identity Number) is a personal, unique and exclusive number that all foreigners must have for identification purposes:
Spain’s NIE number is the personal and unique tax identification number that is used to track all financial and legal activities in Spain

How to obtain the NIE in Spain?

  1. Request your appointment, always depending of their avalibility.
  2. Complete and submit all necessary documentation, be carefull…in Spain if you don´t have all the documents you will lose your appointment. Don´t waste your time!
  3. Go to the office of your previous appointment with your documents.
  4. Pay the fee for the NIE, make sure you have understood everthing before you pay any euro.
  5. Return to the office to leave the proof of payment of the fee.
  6. After everything is ok with the documents and with the civil servant, Going out with your NIE!

A word of advice

Things don’t always go very smoothly when it comes to navigating Spanish red tape, unless you are very lucky, so try to remain calm. The level of professionalism and knowledge among officials and civil servants varies radically from province to province, as do the processing times and procedures. It’s advisable to research carefully how to obtain a NIE in your local municipality. It’s better to have too many papers with you than have to wait for another month for an appointment if you don’t meet all the requirements.

But if you don´t have time to waste at we provide an Expat Adviser to do all the paperwork and waitings for you. From the NIE to any procedure that you need as an Expat.

If you have enought time and patience to do it check the first step, read the procedures and prepare all the documents, brace yourself for the adventure!

The next link will go to the department of foreigners of the Goverment website or contact with our Expat adviser in the next botton:

expat adviser

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