We offer two services based in Málaga, depending on your needs:

  • Spanish Linguisitc Immersion 
  • Expat Expert Adviser

Spanish Linguistic Immersion

An immersion course in Malaga will put you right on the best beaches with plenty of sun, parties and fun. Our Spanish linguistic immersion in Malaga combine siginificant study of Spanish with a spoonful of amusement. We provide quality lessons in and outside of class. Qualified native teachers. For solid progress in Spanish and a great immersion, there’s no better choice than speak with the locals in Malaga, malagueños. We offer original activities with them. 

Malaga is unquestionably one of the best cities to carry out a language immersion. The open minded of malagueños makes communication between you and them much easier. This is beacause they have shared during centuries different cultures and languages, check out this vídeo.

At Iberok we have personalized language immersion programs for each student. Adults and young people can enjoy the «Malaga experience» of immersing  in the Spanish language,the culture, the gastronomy and the people, allowing you to submerge the everyday uses of Spanish and learn in a more intuitive and especially REAL experience. 

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Spanish linguistic immersion

Expat Adviser

Do you want to relocate?

If you have never moved out of your country, the process will be tremendous, and if you have, you know the encumbrance that lies along. Neverending procedures. 

Whatever phase you are at, Iberok can help you with everything: as home finding, register with the corresponding Social Security scheme, foreigner identity card, school search, visa solutions, and even pet relocation. 

Our expert expat platoon is ready to get your relocation going, so why not stream your move to Málaga and contact us. 

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